Martin Moran's award winning show tours India, hopes to spark a debate on sexual violence against boys

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Martin Moran’s hugely transformative one-man-shows are all set to tour India.Producer Poorna Jagannathan, who also produced NIRBHAYA earlier this year, hopes the plays will spark a debate on a much needed conversation - that of the epidemic of sexual violence against boys.


​​This November, Moran’s award winning one-man-shows, THE TRICKY PART and ALL THE RAGE will be seen by audiences in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.


Both plays are testimonial in nature- drawn from Moran’s real life experiences. ​​THE TRICKY PART, one of the most heralded one-man plays in recent memory, tells the true story of sexuality, spirituality and the mystery of human experience.​ ​​​ALL THE RAGE is Moran’s second award winning one-man-show. It’s a complimentary piece and as powerful.


​​Deftly crafted by director Seth Barrish who will be touring as well, Moran offers a firsthand perspective on sexual abuse. Full of complexity, honesty and surprising humor, Martin’s shows leave audiences transformed and deeply engaged with a subject matter previously inaccessible to most.​


Jagannathan says of her decision to bring these plays to India, “​​Today 1 in 2 BOYS are sexually abused in India. That means half of all boys in India are exposed to an unwanted sexual interaction.  It’s mind-boggling. But the culture of extreme shame surrounding male sexual abuse prevents survivors from seeking help or healing.


Most times, violence is internalized and cycles of abuse just continue. At a time we are trying to combat sexual violence against women, we remain relatively blind to sexual violence against boys and men. I’m hoping, like NIRBHAYA did, these plays too can pry open this difficult yet vital conversation. I strongly believe that ending sexual violence against boys is one of the key to ending the cycles of violence.”


The entire crew along with H​arish Iyer who was sexually abused as a child and now is an unstoppable advocate for human rights and Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia Director, Human Rights Watch​ will be happy to speak with you on the same.​ ​​Please find enclosed the official press note along with the images for your reference.


​​I write to you to understand in case there is a possibility to review theplay in your publication. ​​Please feel free to connect with me should any additional information be required. Shall be happy to assist from my end.​​​

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