11 year old child prodigy author Anika Sharma Lunches her Book

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An 11 year old child prodigy author Anika Sharma  (pen name: Aneeka Sharrma) launched her first poetry book named "Ripples", which was launched by General V.K. Singh (Minister of State for External Affairs and Minister of Development for North Eastern Region) with the Chairman of Indraprastha International School on 13th Nov.2014, eve of Children's Day at Thyagraj Stadium on the occasion of her School's Annual Day.


"RIPPLES” is a collection of beautiful poems, created by a young talent Aneeka Sharrma. Her vivid imaginations with very original way of expressing them can impress anyone. Wise far beyond her years the hard working Aneeka doesn't want to rest on the laurels of only one book “Ripples”. She has already started writing a fiction novel “Journey to Acropolis” an adventure series.And many more to come soon.


Though, writing is her innate talent yet Aneeka tries to improve her writing capabilities by reading a lot of books. She is an ardent fan of Enid Blyton. She loves to express her thoughts & imaginations through writing while maintaining her excellence in academics . She has plans to continue publishing books & help the people who are facing atrocities of life by donating major amount of money she'll generate from her  books, to the “Prime Minister's Relief Fund”.


Completely unconcerned about praises or criticism,she in her leisure time loves to read books, write poems, short stories/novel & play piano along with frolicking with her birds. She takes deep interest in knowing Indian mythology & history along with “how things work ” of discovery science. She is an active sports person with specific interest in badminton & swimming. With  a family of academicians & IITians she loves to have open conversations & hands on exploration of knowledge with them. Her parents (IITians) support her in every possible way to let her follow her passion.


Aneeka wants to convey one message to all the children: “Be a voice, not an echo. Be unique"


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Gayatri Nambair

I am really happy for your success!!!! KEEP It UP!!!!! Your Friend, Gayatri

14/06/2015 10:05 AM



14/06/2015 10:04 AM

Mitali vasishtha

Hey anika maybe you remember me I am your old classmate Mitali but then we got shuffled and you were my best friend . I read your book and it was awesome . I am really very happy for your success . Keep it up. CONGRATS !

18/04/2015 10:24 PM


May God bless u keep it up

28/11/2014 10:09 AM


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