Discovery Channel Presents the Astonishing Story of Humans & Leopard’s Peaceful Coexistence

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Jawai in South-west Rajasthan is a land shaped by lava that bubbled to the surface millions of years ago. But that’s not what makes this place special. The granite hills surrounding human settlements have been claimed by the wild leopards and these leopards are living with the humans for years in perfect harmony.


Discovery Channel’s Jawai: India’s Leopard Hills, a special one-hour programme that will uncover this astonishing story of the co-existence of nature’s two different creations - leopards and human beings.


Premiering on October 19 at 9 PM, Jawai: India’s Leopard Hills will take the viewers to the plains adjoining the Aravali Hill, in the heart of which exist the Jawai dam. This, perhaps, is the only place that has the highest density of leopards in the world and where humans and leopards cohabit. The programme will leave viewers in awe and present the ancient relationship made sacred by faith which makes them coexist.


Commenting on the programme, Rahul Johri, EVP & GM – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel prides itself in presenting path-breaking programmes with deep rooted human interests. The programme will capture the extraordinary behaviour of the leopards and will force the audience to rethink their views about these dangerous predators.”


Jawai: India’s Leopards Hills will capture some of the rarest and intriguing footage of the leopard’s behavior like never before. The programme will showcase a unique moment in the wildlife history, as the night falls, the Discovery cameras film six leopards that have come together on the temple stairs of the Perwa Hill. Additionally, the viewers will witness one particular rock formation which is home to a dense cluster of estimated 20 leopards on an area that’s roughly 500 metres long and 500 metres wide.


Discovery Channel will also reveal some of the other fascinating wildlife around the Jawai lake. The lake is a lifeline to crocodiles, flamingos and an incredible array of migratory birds. Unique among these are the Dusky Crag Martins who make complex mud nests on the cliffs of the Jawai hills. The programme will offer unbelievable testimonies of villagers and people living in the region about their camaraderie with the big cats who have become an integral part of their lives


Follow these nomadic creatures through the light and dusk to present this thrilling and beautiful relation. Catch the live hunt giving a glimpse into the environment of the leopards and fascinating wildlife around the Jawai Lake.

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