Ten Monsoon Fashion Tips By Students Of Bandra- INIFD

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You love them, you hate them but you can’t ignore them. The rains are here. With pitter-patter raindrops falling on your heads, it’s time to pack away those stilettos, leather shoes, transparent tops and pastel- colored shirts. Outcome those waterproof sandals, capris and colorful umbrellas.  But if you thought that rains are synonyms with dull and boring outfits and accessories, then you are mistaken. All you need to do is jazz up your existing wardrobe by cutting, folding and coloring your outfits with elan. .


1. Fabrics: Starting with the need of the hour i.e. wearing light fabrics on days you could get drenched. Go for something lighter and airy. Chiffons, malmals and georgettes will be life saviors in the rain. They’ll dry in minutes and you will want to get wet in the rains over and over again!


2. Cut it short and hot: Cut it short and enjoy the rains better! Pick out a pair of your old denims if you just can’t quit them. Cut them short into hot pants and flaunt your sexy legs while you play in the puddle of muddy water. Also, try colorful, bold printed Capris so that you can save the hassle of tidily folding your pants every time it begins to rain.


3. Cuts and silhouettes: Asymmetrical tunics and dresses are a hit this season. Vibrant ombre-dyed kaftans are also a great option. The silhouette should be clean, the cut should not have too many layers or too many tailoring details that make the garment look messy and untidy. Wear simple shirts and kurtis that are easy to wear. Well-cut dresses with short hemlines are very apt for monsoon clothing. Substitute your long dupattas with soft cotton scarves as they are easy to manage and more likely to keep you warm.


4.      Colorful Leggings: If you’re running out of shorts and capris to wear, leggings is another great option that you can pull on for a comfortable yet fashionable rainy day. Colourful, printed leggings are in vogue, and they will no doubt make you stand out from the crowd on a dull rainy day.


5.Elegant Drenched Coats: Nothing is more irritating than being splashed dirty water on by vehicles that pass by when it’s raining. But that won’t be a problem when trench coats are here to save the day! These lovelies look best when matched with a pair of classy gum boots. There’s nothing else in the world that can protect your clothes from that heavy rainy day but this definitely can.


6. Chic Gum Boots: To be able to cross the dirty puddles on the roads without dirtying your feet, gum boots are absolutely necessary. Just one beautiful pair and you’re sorted for the entire season.


7. Water- proof handbags: As much as you love your everyday leather bag, it’s a big NO for monsoons. A water-proof bag is one of the most important things that will help you get through the monsoons. If you want your phone and most of your belongings to still function after the rainy season is gone, these plasticky looking handbags are your best bet. They protect your belongings while making you look chic, isn’t that all we ever need?


8.Three- fold umbrellas: An umbrella is a must-have no matter how many rain coats or windcheaters you possess. But instead of those drab-looking ones, you could always pick your favourite colour. Let your umbrella be a happy pop of colour in the dull, cloudy days of monsoons.


9. Accessories: The monsoons leave in their wake gloom & dreariness. Try to cheer up your look by wearing plenty of accessories even if the rest of the wardrobe is plain. Try interesting bangles, neckpieces and long earring, which looks fashionably cool during the monsoon season.


10. Avoid see through garments: The hot sunny months could practically allow you to wear super thin, see through garments. The monsoon Gods will not be so generous. Unless one wants a major wardrobe malfunction to occur, avoid wearing flimsy garments, as these will become acutely transparent on becoming wet.

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