Kangana Ranaut at her stylish best at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2016, Mumbai

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Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, the most definitive expression of style and good taste, now in its 12th edition, dazzled the city of dreams, showcasing multiple reflections of style. The evening was an eclectic mélange of stylish designs and eccentric beats presented by ace designer Manish Arora with an eclectic mix of musicians, Midival Punditz Ft. Raghu Dixit at Grand Hyatt. The stunning Kangana Ranaut at her stylish best charmed everyone in a Manish Arora design.


Style today, has many facets and cannot be confined. It is a reflection of one’s multi-facetedness. It changes with one’s evolution, which keeps the world guessing what’s next. Weaving these reflections of style together Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2016 arrived in Mumbai.


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Being multi-faceted, dynamic and constantly surprising the world is the essence of ‘taste life in style’ for our consumers. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, the most definitive expressions of style and good taste, brings the same alive through multiple reflections of style, with an eclectic mix of the most stylish in fashion, music and Bollywood. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour continues to deliver a never seen before and exciting experience to the consumers.”


Designer Manish Arora said, “The collection – ‘Indian’ resonates the spirit of the contemporary Indian woman. It is a dynamic kaleidoscope of artistries from across the world. The aim was to create a harmonious style narrative that reiterates the fact that ‘life is beautiful’ and Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, with its core theme as multiple reflections of style is the perfect association to showcase my collection.”


Blenders Pride Fashion Tour showcased a thrilling and unique collaboration wherein the ace designer showcased his stunning designs to the edgy electronica beats curated by Midival Punditz, along with the powerful and soulful voice of Raghu Dixit. The show finished in a grand crescendo of UV lights, cold pyros and dhols creating an incredible spectacle.

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