Swati & Sunaina’s Gorgeous ‘Banaras Revisited’ Collection on Indian Handloom and Textiles Day at Lakme Fashion Week 2015

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The name Swati and Sunaina is a respected one in Kolkata since 2007.  As lovers of Indian woven textiles, the pair opened the Indian Handloom and Textiles Day at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 with their gorgeous designs under their label ‘SNNA Banaras Revisited’.


Ardent followers of finely woven fabrics, the pair has worked with master weavers of Banaras to create heirlooms and keep the art alive. Their aim is to design gorgeous traditional textiles that can cater to the desires of the younger generation of sari wearers. Their experiments with motifs, colours and placements have given a fresh impetus to the fabulous Banaras weaves.


Their specialty is patterns like Shikargaha, Khimkhwab, Khandwa, Chaar Taar and Dampach. Many of their textiles are inspired by the Mughal fabrics and Safarid Dynasty of Iran. Swati and Sunaina incorporated pure zari and created limited edition textiles – it’s one colour, one design with only 16 saris per design, which makes the national drape almost exclusive for the wearer. At the show their collection was a treasure trove of 16 saris with glorious colours and classic patterns that enchanted the audience.


Displaying the most exquisite saris in eight styles from their 2015-16 edition, the show was a sensational treasure of silk and zari weaves.


The Advitya was an intricate weave of Dampach and kadhuwa. The Kaaynaat design had the pure zari dipped in gold with the continuous jangla pattern. The Mehraab design was in fine mulberry silk with zari inspired by the shape of the Buta seen on the sari.


The Vaidehi beauty was a sari with a design woven across in zari called jangla that could be traced to the 19th century. The Hukum design in the shape of a spade was a superb weave; while the Shikargaha sari in fine 160 counts, two ply cotton, unprocessed silk and zari was a dream to behold with the hunting scenes.


The Leher was with intricate kadhuwa technique in the jangla design while the Ganga Jamuna was pure vintage with the guldasta woven in alternate colours. When it is exclusivity and traditional Banaras weaves, then Swati and Sunaina are textile designers who offer the best of the best.

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