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Designer Amit Behki  brings a new collection of wedding apparel and party wear clothes for Men this season. Creative Stop  presents an extensive range of ethnic wedding apparel to adorn your wedding vows. And for all other pre wedding celebrations complement your style with Creative stop for party wear clothes.

In his wedding collection he Includes  -  sherwani ,  fusion of Indian and Western



While considering Designer Garments for Groom, there are several option to choose from. The most popular trend in the modern Indian Society is the adaption of western men clothing in to traditional Indian  Fashion. Many men are finding the lavish style of Indian Wedding apparel to be much more important than just a simple piece of clothing. This clothing exudes sophistication and luxury , as they are made of the finest linens and elaborately designed exclusively by Amit Behki who is known as a popular groom.


Clothes are like stories that speak of times bygone of history and romance. And Like stories, clothes have threads and weaves within weaves. Soft, caressing, bold, surprising - nobody understands clothes better than Creative Stop which is prominent Creative Studio in Delhi.


Indo - Western

The times are a changing. Like Ravi Shankar's sitar met Geoge Harrison's guitar, Our Indo Western range is music to the ears which combines the mystique of India with the style of the west.


Our imagination and our expertise have no limits and so as our range in Men’s wardrobe. Our range for men indo western suits is great which is ideal for any occasion be it a wedding celebration, a groom himself, or even for welcoming that important foreign delegation. Creative Stop has brought out a stylish collection of Indo Western designs for men in Delhi that covers a whole attire of styles with fresh and innovative approach.

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