This Diwali Celebrate the Culture of Tea with Seven Spring

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Synonymous with celebrations, teas have been an integral part of and deeply rooted in Indian culture. While many of us won’t mind the extra festive weight around the waist, our bodies might face difficulty in digesting and assimilating the festive diet. We have the perfect humble flavors of green tea to help your digestive juices rev up and bless you with great health! We are Seven Spring!


This Diwali we seek to elevate your gifting experience with luxe teas, adding a whole new element of charm into your moments of happiness and celebrations. Bringing forth unique blends while keeping Indian roots intact, we present you with intrinsically prepared extraordinary tea hampers that will delight your taste buds and reward you with health!


Indulge the discerning tea drinker in you! Choose from an array of gifts to spark warmth and love this festive season. From potent black teas, Green Teas, Floral Teas, aromatic herbal blends to Blooming Flower Tea, enjoy and celebrate the culture of tea. Our selection of healthy teas is surely a delight to any tea enthusiast. One sip of our deliciously delicate range of teas and be wooed by the perfect fusion of immunity-boosting spices. All our teas are significantly high on health, but this festive season, they’ll warm your hearts too with the perfect burst of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals!


What’s more? We’ve boosted the earthy taste of some ingredients with vibrant flavors from peppermint, Hibiscus, Pomegranate flower to & rose tisane! Using and curating only fresh, rich, and pure ingredients, our array of teas includes gloriously indulgent teas with rich flavors and exotic herbs like Fennel, Rosehip, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Senna, Musli, Clove among many more. We believe in utilizing only rich, fresh and pure ingredients to create ‘perfection’. The new exclusive tea range is one of a kind with innovations at par with recent times, keeping health in mind. They are a perfect blend of traditional tea with exotic contemporary versions in tea bags. They might have a modern touch but the essence of traditional tea isn’t lost.

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