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When we talk about designer Designer Kapil Arora, it looks little different as he could well have been leading the life of your average Delhi industrialist had it not been for a quirk of fate. Untrained formally in fashion, but used to wearing the best of clothes and accessories and with fine design sensibilities, Arora decided to take up the challenge of creating an outfit when a leading Delhi designer spoiled a gown that he was supposed to make for Kapil’s wife, Monika. Kapil took on the challenge of creating a beautiful and well-crafted outfit at a short notice and succeeded. What he created not only lived up to his wife’s expectations—always a tough task (!) —but also got his friends, family and neighbours talking. This was to be the starting point for a small, family-owned company, initially called “Monika’s Clothing”, that Kapil and Monika set up, beginning their eventful, if not long, journey into the world of high fashion.


Mmonika is a designer from the label Kapil and MMonika , being a part of the fashion industry for many years. She hails from an industrialist background. The self-trained designer has a keen eye for aesthetics and interesting interpretation of traditional Indian craftsmanship, soon had a steady and growing clientele.


Kapil & Monika launched their eponymous label ‘Kapil and MMonika’ 4 years back after in Delhi and their couture label has been quite popular within a short span of time with their concept of “customized couture”.

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