Bonfire, gajak and family time, TV actors share Lohri memories

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Be it sitting around a bonfire or spending quality time with their families, TV actors share their Lohri memories. He is what they all have to say about their Lohri celebrations. Every TV celebs have their own thoughs and memories to share with their fans on the auspecious ocassion. 


Jasmin Bhasin: I have been brought up in a joint family in Kota and have always celebrated every festival with great enthusiasm and fun. All my family members take an active part in making each festival a memorable one every year. For Lohri, we always used to be excited as it was so much fun dancing, eating a lot of food and sweets. My cousins and I did all the arrangements for Lohri till the time I was in Kota. I love eating revdi, gajak, and other sweets. 


Shivin Narang: Lohri is the first festival that we celebrate every year and since I hail from Delhi, I love it. It is one of the prominent festivals for Punjabis. The festival also brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. The best part about Lohri is that it brings families and friends together and everyone celebrates and eats home-cooked food and revdi, gajjak, mungfallis together. Dancing and singing around the bonfire in the chilling winters of Delhi is something I am going to miss a lot. I’ll be celebrating the festival with friends and neighbors this year. We are also planning to celebrate Lohri on the set of Beyhadh 2 as a lot of us are from Delhi and missing the celebration back home.


Ankit Siwach: Lohri was always special, we used to have get-togethers with bonfires and eat gazak, revdi, and peanuts. We would play music, games and literally “chill” in the winter celebrations. It is fun in my hometown Meerut.


Sharad Malhotra: It is my first Lohri post marriage. I'm celebrating in Kolkata with wife Ripci and parents. Kolkata looks beautiful in winters. The fire has a soothing effect and it is a vibrant festival. Ripci and I  are quite excited about it.


Mohamad Nazim: I am from Punjab and it is a very big festival so it is very big there. The colorful clothes we all wear and bonfire gives an amazing feeling. I love to dance too. 


Amal Sehrawat: Lohri always reminds of the warmth of bonfire in cold weather, love, and bonding of close friends and relatives, dance, music and loads of fun. This time Lohri will be celebrated in Chandigarh where am shooting for my next project. Lohri means revdi, peanuts, popcorns, makke di roti sarso da saag safed makkhan.

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