Bejeweled Galore by Hema S. Kothari: A bountiful collection of festive jewellery

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With festivities round the corner, the designer diamond jewellery brand Hema S. Kothari unveils its latest festive collection, “Bejeweled Galore”. Considering the fervent festival celebrations that trigger off across the country this time, the brand introduces this plush collection of embellished jewellery which suits the spirit of Indian festivals. The new festive collection is one of its kinds and promises to add elements of panache and luxury to many realms of designs.


The combination of diamonds, emeralds and rubies has been meticulously selected to capture the drama of Indian celebration. Each of these gemstones has been deftly infused in yellow gold and enamel and creates an enigmatic charm and artistic aestheticism. The colors and hues of these gemstones used in the necklaces, bracelets and rings create a unique aura and bring the new line of jewellery that is worthy to possess, cherish and preserve.

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