Revealed: The truth behind Arjun Rampal and Sussanne Khan link up

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We all know gossip and media speculations come with the territory of being a celebrity, Arjun Rampal and Sussanne Khan seem to be the latest target. Rumors about the two have been making a rife on and off for some years now. The film industry has often hinted at a third party involvement when it comes to trouble in paradise. How often do you think it is true?


Where do we people draw a line when it comes to drawing conclusions…casual meeting between friends is dubbed into a cozy dinner, hugs are called intimate moment. In a similar fashion, reports suggesting Arjun and Sussanne having dinner in Mumbai have been making the rounds recently. So we did some digging and there is no actual proof that the two were together, looks like people’s imagination is at work!


Also, aren’t most celebrities careful about being seen together when there’s a rumor about their link up? Why would Arjun and Sussanne go out publically? Look at another instance when it was reported that Arjun and Sussanne are getting hitched in future. Since, Arjun is still married to Mehr as per court records that seems a bit difficult don’t you think? And yes, we did check the court records! The true question that really arises in our mind is, is it fair to defame someone without thorough investigation.


Sussanne rubbished these recent reports stating that they are lies and are influencing her in a negative way, creating a stressful environment for her. Gossip mills seem to be running out of fodder these days or is it someone's agenda? Another motive. Watch this space as we dig further.

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