Jacqueline Fernandez connects with fans for a cause on Twitter

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Twitter chats are an effective way to connect and bring together fans across the globe. Jacqueline used this platform for a genuine cause, where she helped raise awareness and spread the message of environmental conservation. The gorgeous actress engaged in a live twitter chat with fans to speak about United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainable development. The innovative chat was a great success and trended at top 5 in India.


Using the #InConversationWithJacky, Jacqueline propagated the preservation of nature and urged her followers to use implement nature friendly habits in their day-to-day activities. Some of the issues that were highlighted:


1.  It is important for everyone to do their bit to save the earth

2. Practice careful use of rare natural products

3. Start a movement, don’t take but give back to the earth

4. Combat desertification

5. Spread awareness about the important of forests

Jacqueline has always stood for causes she believes in and the ‘Life on Land’ initiative is just one of them. Fans responded wonderfully to this chat and have shown their support to the actress’ call for action.

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24/02/2018 3:21 PM


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