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Recently established store Blues’ N’ Greys have already started making a  mark for its fashion collection not only among the common folk  but also young celebrities who are considered as fashion ideals for today’s  young generation. Celebrities like Nikitin Dheer , Mohsin Khan and Sourabh Raaj Singh chose to wear formal collection of Blues ‘N’ Greys while showcasing their presence in a formal function.


Sourabh Gotewal , Director, Blues ‘ N’ Greys says; We are highly obliged to collaborate with such young and talented TV celebrities who took our help to design all kinds of attire whether it be formal or ethnic which suited them. Grace of our clothes was improved when it was worn by few of the most handsome men all over our country. People follow what they see and Nikitin, Mohsin and Sourabh are fashion ideals for today’s young generation, so people will definitely follow what they wear and will come to us for designing their clothes. We are also looking forward for further collaborations with them to represent our brand in future.


Blues ‘N’ Greys is the retail unit of K.A Sanghi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and also authorized dealer of Raymond’s where all stitching is done according to Raymond’s norms as it is a certified tailoring hub of the same.  It is the retailer of Dormeuil, Atilius Botta, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Marzoni, Lanificio Cerruti, Soktas, and Burgoyne which are world class brands in dealing of men’s fabric. Brand USP of Blues ‘N’ Greys is that it gives customized personalized clothing. It works around an individual’s silhouette and also the craftsmanship of the products they deliver is very fine and mastered.  A master tailor is hired to do all the measurement jobs and the team behind the final product is also professionals in tailoring.


Blues ’N’ Greys feel proud to be associated with such young talents and is looking forward for further such collaboration with young talents and influencers who can inculcate a great fashion sense amongst all the youngsters.

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