Ahmadabad girl Niki Shah became top Fashion Influencer in UAE!

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She started her own designer label at a young age of 18 with boutiques in India and Dubai. Soon she had a lot of fashion shows in her kitty. At 30, Niki Shah started blogging for setting new fashion trends and became a social media sensation in UAE and India and promoting established and upcoming brands in fashion, travel and lifestyle.


Niki Shah lives mostly in Dubai and calls it her home. She says that she grew up there looking and exploring every aspect of luxury that mankind has ever witnessed. Her blog Nikishah Dubai is reflection of the Lifestyle of that this city has to offer.


A marketing graduate who started her own designer label at a young age of 18 with boutiques in India and Dubai with lots of fashion shows under her wrap. Having lived in countries like India, Kenya and UAE she absorbed the essence of different cultures, nature and trends all her life. Her big success in India got her recognized as the new Youth Icon of Ahmedabad in 2010.


She says, “I have dressed many celebrity customers and have participated in many international fashion shows, built a successful portfolio as a fashion designer. Now, I am a social media influencer and hence, I used both Fashion/Lifestyle knowledge and my Marketing Degree together to create a new avenue of Influencer/Blogger marketing based on strategic ideas to help promote not only well known brands but also help new and upcoming brands to promote their products in the most efficient way.”


Niki says the she started blogging as a hobby which soon grew to become her identity. I have reviewed many Lifestyle and Fashion brands. Somewhere between the writing and styling up, the Social Media is now fast becoming a profession for her. She has been fortunate enough to collaborate and create  bespoke content and editorials  for some of the world’s leading elite, fashion and beauty brands.


At almost 30, she decided it is never too late to start anything new and explore other areas of the fashion industry and that’s how she started writing fashion blogs and very soon, it turned into commercial blogging, converting into a full-time career of being a lifestyle influencer through different social platforms.


She promotes not only sort after fashion and travel brands but also luxurious property opportunities in Dubai and other countries.


Her fashion blogs are a culmination of fashion content developed using all the technical knowledge of fashion studies, creating informative data base. She automatically creates trends which are relatable to most of the Asian women around the world and show how fashion can be worn without breaking the banks and cultural values.


Niki puts it with pride, “My show wardrobe consists of more than 100 different brands and designers; I often love it how my followers and I connect on my social media platforms over our common love for footwear.” Not only this, she shares interesting, cost effective and yet, trending shopping tips everytime she is travelling to different countries like US, UK, Denmark and Turkey, etc. She connects with her women followers and reveals that make up is nothing more than grooming and one doesn’t need to layer up every other day in order to look well groomed. “Keeping it less with right amount is always enough!” She says. Niki adds further, “I also use the platform to share what I eat every day and how to maintain health when you are in a capital city of brunches!”


Niki has worked with many brands conceptualizing their entire terms, marketing with her own elements and has built a successfully built her brand on social media. Social media can be utilized for spreading good ideas, branding with right informative approach on specialized subjects. Fashion is the most sort after subject across the world and it literally rolls the international market. Niki Shah has opened a new pathway for marketing professionals having sound knowledge and interest in a specialized field to use their skills and make a full-fledged rewarding career out of it. Power to help, inspire, educate and guide others, promote brands by creating maximum reach are the key outcomes here.

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