Rakul Preet Singh visited the birthplace of Dracula!

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She who was busy with her shooting schedule in Romania will remember the schedule for more reasons than one. The actress shot for a song in AR Murugadoss's Tamil-Telugu bilingual Spyder, starring Mahesh Babu, in Romania and visited the castle where Dracula is believed to have been born! Rakul says, “This was my first time in Romania and we shot in Sibiu (a major city in Transylvania, which has come to be associated with vampires, thanks to the novel Dracula) for six days. You can find legends and stories associated with Count Dracula in every nook and corner and it was quite scary initially. The architecture is very old world; the bricks keep falling off and paint keeps peeling off, but there's a charm to even that.”


Recalling her tryst with Dracula tales, she says, “There's a castle that's an hour and-a-half drive away from Sibiu; it is believed to be the birthplace of Dracula. It is apparently from there the whole tale started. We shot at the castle for about two days, but I didn't get a chance to go inside and explore the place.”


The team also shot at two big squares in the city, where many restaurants were selling Dracula-special dishes. “In fact, one of them suggested I try the Dracula meal, but I got a little freaked out.”


“We shot during the day and since it was a packed schedule, we shot each sequence twice, once in Tamil and then in Telugu. We didn't venture out in the night. Of course, we spent the evenings trying out the local cuisine. But the city has got me intrigued and I hope I get to explore the place soon,” she signs off.

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