Liberty Shoes Launches the Athleisure Brand Leap 7x

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Over the past few years India has rapidly caught up with the wider global fitness trend. Driven by the country's growing wealth, changing lifestyles, and rising urbanisation, an increasing amount of Indian consumers are becoming more health conscious and are adding new health and wellness routines to their hectic lifestyles as a result.


"Leap 7x is the latest collection introduced by Liberty as a part of campaign CHAL BADH CHAL to break the conventional way of thinking, A call to action to think beyond and move forward. These shoes are extremely trendy which would go with any casual or sporty look. Available in tints and tones of black and white, grey, blue etc they are designed to leave a mark on the mind of the people seeking trend and comfort. Keeping in mind the trends of the world, these shoes depict the perfect combination of style and comfort to make you stand out in the crowd "says Anupam Bansal MD Retail Liberty Shoes


As far as the business strategy is concerned , Brand is mainnly aiming to maximise it’s availibility in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, while the major sports MNCs are busy catering to Tier1 and metro cities. “ Small towns / developing town’s youth are more aspiring today, and they deserve to be facilitated, they also want to get associated with organised brand and company noiwadays “ adds Mr Bansal.


“Leap 7x is the latest collection which is widely promoted as a part of new campaign CHAL BADH CHAL to break the conventional way of thinking, A call to action to think beyond and move forward. Recently we have shot with Ms. Roshni Misbah Women Hijabi biker and Basket ball trainer Pradyut Voleti we are in the process of shooting more such inspirational videos.


The challenge for Indian footwear industry is lit large but anticipating India to become amongst top 5 superpowers by 2030, our consumption rates can reach as high as 7-8 pairs. In such a scenario, India would need to produce anywhere between 8-10 billion pairs considering yearly population growth., with major contribution by Athlesiure industry.With global integration of Indian industry, rapid change in lifestyle, income growth at bottom of the wealth pyramid, footwear industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds”adds Barun Prabhakar Marketing Head Liberty Shoes .


A perfect pair for your workout session, A cofee outing, a movie with family and friends, the pair of Leap 7x is designed for absolute comfort and robust performance. It features molded lace fitting, memory foam insole, high quality padding in collar and tongue and advanced Flow plus technology for multidirectional traction adds Barun prabhakar.

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