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In India, a walk down the aisle comes with a hefty price tag. Planning a wedding shouldn’t break the bank, it should be worry free, fun and exciting. Given the economy nowadays, weddings seem to be intimate rather than grand like they used to be ages ago. High disposable incomes, modern mind-set couples with the diminishing regard for tradition call for an evolving trend of ‘Budget Weddings’. Couples and their families prefer spending money on lavish honeymoons or on investments like a new home or car rather than wasting money on rituals they don’t believe in and hosting people they don’t even know.


Hiring a wedding planner is the most effective way to trim down on the wedding expense; the wedding planner knows the best deals in town and has an updated list of whole sellers, vendors and may end up grabbing the best venue deal that won’t burn your pocket.


 In case you want to be the captain of your own ship, here are 6 quick wedding planning tips:


  • Guest List.

It might be a good proposition to consider inviting only close friends and relatives; because your wedding matters to them the most and so do they to you! In this way you would take the first step towards setting a budget. Select a venue falling within your budget and the number of guest you plan to invite.


  • Venue Hunting

Although sounds like an impossible thing, you can try and design your own wedding card. Do not go for anything extravagant or complicated, choose a simple design with few colours and just get it bulk printed.Wedding halls, banquets and grounds with limited accommodation capacity should be your best ‘go to’. Whereas a local marriage hall would charge you the rent as per its capacity to accommodate, it will make more sense to pay only for the number of guests you invite and choose your venue accordingly. Yiamas the experimental space situated in Ballard Estate in SOBO(South Bombay) is the place that fits your purpose. Yiamas has the capacity to host 100 of your exclusive guests which is suitable for your budget.

  • Décor

A restricted budget does not imply a dull setup. You can enhance the look of the venue by simply following mindful décor techniques like flower placement. Cost can be highly limited by placing exotic flowers at eye view level and local flowers in places like the ‘toran’ at the top. A venue which pleases your aesthetics will be like a cherry on the cake. Yiamas(meaning ‘cheers’ in Greek) is a flexible venue where you feel at ease and can let your creativity take you places, the only experimental space in Mumbai.


Located in Mumbai’s 100-year-old European style business district of Ballard Estate which is known for its British lineage and architecture. Yiamas complements this vintage infrastructure, thereby adding to the heritage that southern Mumbai flaunts. A majestic wooden staircase leads one to the main entrance. The colonial windows allow the sunlight to shine through the potted greenery in such a way that it amplifies the character of the venue. The vintage balcony just ties the venue together with the wooden frame and bougainvillea hanging from the roof it gives one a sense of a Greek country villa.


Moreover Yiamas gives the freedom to choose the caterers and the type of cuisine you like - No more paying per plate or giving in to the ‘syndicate’.


  • Shut the ‘W’ up!

While it is one of the easiest things to do, it also has the maximum impact on your budget. Choose a shopping buddy who is apt to help with decisions. DO NOT utter the word 'wedding', as clever shopkeepers usually hike their rates, once they figure that you are on wedding shopping spree.


  • Club the ceremonies.

If you have a restricted budget the plethora of ceremonies hosted pre and post wedding in India will be fatal for your budget; you may end up spending profusely. Club them all together — while the engagement can be a separate celebration, the ‘sangeet’, ‘haldi’ & ‘mehendi’ can be performed on the same day (even at home), thereby cutting considerable costs. The wedding, aashirwad and reception can be on the next day as well.


  • Design you own invites.

Although sounds like an impossible thing, you can try and design your own wedding card on your Laptop or Desktop. Do not go for anything extravagant or complicated, choose a simple design with few colours and just get it bulk printed. Online invites are even better and cheaper, try them too.


So if wedding is on the cards for you, let us pen down your story SOBO style. YIAMAS!


This article has been originally written by Zeenia Master, Founder and CEO  of Xenia Hospitality Solutions. 

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